Meklēšana mūsu datu bāzē:
ID: M4234
Gadi: 75
Nodarbošanās: Dziedātājs/a, Balss aktieris/e, Aktieris / Aktrise, Lomu aktieris
Valodas: Angļu
Tautība: Angļu
Matu krāsa: Brūni
Acu krāsa: Brūnas
Apavu izmērs: 42
Auguma garums: 170
Valsts: United Kingdom
TV: 2018 Lee and Dean Old man in Care Home Channel 4 UK 2012 Crimewatch Llewellyn Thomas BBC1 2009 Nuzzle and Scratch Alfred Shearer BBC1 2008 Party Political Broadcast Bill BBC 1 2006 Crimewatch Joe Shipton BBC 1 2005 Chucklevision Mr Winklebeater BBC 1
Teātris: 2018 Area Belle Mr Chalker Bacchae Theatre Co: 2016 Samaritans, Can I Help you Alex Stone Crab Theatre Co: 2013 The Cutting Edge Charles Henri sanson Blackshaws Theatre Co; 2011 Travelling Light Dying Man National Theatre 2010 Safer Phil* Trifle Prods: 2010 Embers Henrik Giant Olive Tree Prods; 2009 Spring Clean Alec Practical Prods: 2009 Silver Splits the Room Mr Gormley Practical Prods: 2009 Make Mine a Double Mead A Good NIght Out Presents 2008 Importance of Being Earnest Canon Chasuble Reckless Endeavour 2007 Caligula Mereia Talon Arts 2007 Taming of the Shrew Baptista Giudecca Prods: 1999 Therese Raquin Monsieur Michaud Fringe Prods:
Filmas: 2018 In Love with Mayfair Ian River Films 2017 Catharsis Grandfather with Alzheimers HE Dakin Prods 2017 War Wings Jim Brooks Clear Head 2015 Child Migration David True Tube 2013 Pawn George Manning Threadneedle Films 2012 Where is Harry Harry Invisible Colour 2011 Search for inspiration Gone The God Magic Word Prods 2009 Bicycle Day Arthur Stoll Wraparound Media 2006 Gavin Action UK 3 Ernst Klett Verlag Gmbh 2006 The Voice Paolo Wid Taboo Films 2005 Burning Light John Hanson Y Prods 2005 The STDers Murphy Douglas Yokon Films 2004 Salt Scrubbers Mr Elite Bil&Ben Films 2003 Shelter- APlace of Refuge Gerald Sheringham Tafsta Prods 2003 Whispers Unspoken Col: Leonard Thompson Halogen Ents: 2002 Daisy Go Home Mr Lowther Madalaboss Films 2000 The Loss Leader Francis BC Moving Image 1999 April Rhapsody Cambridge Don Rosat Films 1998 The Empty Mirror John Stewart EM Films
Reklāmas: 2015 VW Old Buddies Harvey It's UIs Media, Berlin 2014 Tchibo Christmas TVC Lonely Old Man BLM Films, Hamburg 2014 Sky Ident Old Tennis Server Smuggler 2008 Philips Sonic Tooth Brush Grandfather Tomo London Prods: 2006 Help The Aged Michael WWAV Rapp Collins 2001 The Travel Sketch Psychiatrist The Travel Channel