Meklēšana mūsu datu bāzē:
ID: M3919
Gadi: 56
Nodarbošanās: Spīkeris, Prezentētājs, Promo modelis/e, Izpildītājs, Komiķis, Balss aktieris/e, Modelis/e, Aktieris / Aktrise
Valodas: Angļu, Vācu, Franču, Zviedru
Tautība: Zviedru
Matu krāsa: Brūni
Acu krāsa: Zilas
Apavu izmērs: 45
Auguma garums: 191
Valsts: Sweden
Balss paraugi:
TV: Borg vs. Mcenroe, (as Umperor), Tre Vänner Produktion, feature film, 2016 Farang, (as Victor), Eyeworks, TV series Swedish Channel 4, 2016 Gåsmamman, (The Goose Mother, judge), Endemol, TV series Swedish Channel 4, 2016 The Inspector and the Sea, (Squad leader), Network Movie, TV series Germany, 2016 Alice, (as Henry, Alice's father), Andreas Grant, feature film, 2016 Röstmäklarna, (The Vote Brokers), Swedish TV/UR, 2014, Bill Beijer, CEO Röstmäklarna Elsas värld, (Elsas´ world, as a publisher of books), web TV-series, Swedish Channel 4, 2013 Bröderna Fluff, (The Fluff Brothers, as the director), Swedish Channel 5, 2013 Kommissionen (The Commission, as civil servant at the Ministry of Justice), Swedish Television, Channel 1, 2005 Hotel Caesar (guest appearance as a businessman), series for the Norwegian Television, Channel 2, 2003 REA (programme for children from ten to fifteen, in sketches as a father), Swedish Television, 2003 Reuter & Skoog (comic sketches, as a military officer and a lover from the forties), Swedish Television, 2001 Vänner och fiender (”Friends and Foes”, a series for Swedish Channel Five, guest appearance as a Businessman), 1999 Jakten på en mördare (”On the Hunt for a Killer”, film/dramaseries for the Swedish Television, Channel One, as a policeman), 1998 Skilda Världar (”Separate Worlds”, a series for Swedish Channel Three, guest appearance as a Police Officer), 1998 S:t Mikael (a hospital-series for the Swedish Television, Channel One, guest appearance as a Patient), 1998 Rederiet (”The Ship Owners”, a series for the Swedish Television, Channel One, guest appearances as a Pilot and a Criminal Investigator ), 1996 and 1998
Teātris: The Dance of Death (by August Strindberg, as Kurt), Strindberg's Intimate Theatre, Sthlm, 2014, tour of Sweden 2015 The God of Carnage (by Yasmina Reza, as Alan), Teater Brunnsgatan Fyra, Stockholm, 2013 Alfons and the Magician (by G. Bergström and S. Götestam, as Alfons´ father), Intiman, Stockholm, 2011 Robin Hood (as Little John), outdoor performance at Waxholm fortress, Waxholm, 2011 Miranda´s Tale (adaptation of The Tempest by Shakespeare, as Prospero), outdoor performance in the royal park Haga, Stockholm, 2010 The Full Monty (musical by Terrence McNally, as Malcolm), Kalmar Concert Hall. Kalmar, 2008 Brilliant Traces (by Cindy Lou Johnson, as Henry Harry), Theatre Pipersgatan 4, Stockholm, 2008 The Seagull (by A. Chekhov, as Sorin), outdoor performance in Waxholm, 2007 Nattsystrar (“Night Sisters” by Marianne Goldman, as Peter), The Modern Theater, Sthlm, 2006 No exit (by J.P. Sartre, as Garcin), Teater Spitze, Sthlm, 2005 Freudomamia - the Musical (by Thomas Sundström, as Sigmund Freud), the Dance Academy, Sthlm, 2005 To Damaskus (by A. Strindberg, as the Doctor), Theatre Kaos, Sthlm, 2004 Jellyfish (by Dag Lindberg, as the priest Jan), The Drama Laboratory, Sthlm 2004 The Proposal (by A. Chekhov, as the gentleman caller), Summertheatre by the lake Sommen, 2003 Serenading Louie (by Nanford Wilson, as Carl), Sibyllegatans Teater, Sthlm, 2001 Waxholms sångspel (an outdoor comedy about life in the archipelago of Stockholm, as the book-keeper Eugen Janson), Waxholm, 2001 Fjärilsbarn (”Butterfly Children” by Irena Kraus, as the Headmaster), Teater Vestmanland, Västerås, 2000 Kyrkan och makten (”The Church and the Power”, collective of authors, various roles), Teater Normlösa, Stockholm, 1998 Onda aningar (”Bad Omen” by Jan Käll, as Business Consultant Cederkvist), Teater Brunnsgatan Fyra, Stockholm, 1996, Royal Dramatic Theatre and National Touring Theatre (Riksteatern), 1997 Don´t Break the Chain (by Mamet, policeman), radioplay for the Swedish Radio, 1994
Filmas: After School, (Peter), Gisela Nadasy, short film, 2016 The Taste of Blood, (as the father), Ida Thomasdotter, short film, 2016 The Nihilists, (as the man), short film, 2014 Gamer, (as the father), short for Swedish Television, 2013 Nima, Kalmar High School for film and television, (as the professor), 2013 Kommissarie Späck, (Inspector Flesh, as policeman Svensson), feature film, 2010 Clash of Empires, (as General Lycius), KRU Productions, Malaysia, feature film, 2009 7X/Lika barn (This is our kids, as Kenneth, a tyranic father), feature film, 2008 Hotet (The Threat, as secret-service agent), thriller (film), 2003 Jakten på en mördare (”On the Hunt for a Killer”, film/dramaseries for the Swedish Television, Channel One, as a policeman), 1998 ”Branco” (film produced by the Swedish Dramatic Institute, as the Surgeon), 1998