Meklēšana mūsu datu bāzē:
ID: M3541
Gadi: 34
Nodarbošanās: Aktieris / Aktrise
Valodas: Angļu, Serbu, Horvātu
Tautība: Horvātu
Matu krāsa: Brūni
Acu krāsa: Zaļi brūnas
Apavu izmērs: 40
Auguma garums: 173
Valsts: Croatia
TV: 2016. „Black & White World“, role: Student paper editor 2016. „Where Is The Cathch?“, role: Doubter 2013. „Stipe Visiting“, role: Trpimir 2012. „Yugoslavian Secret Service“, role Ivo Lola Ribar 2011. „Parties And Funerals“, role: Sven Milošević 2010. "Relax, You Deserve It", role: Mateo 2009. "Stipe Visiting", role: Luka 2009. "The Law", role Jurica 2008. "Mamutica", role Dario Mataga 2008. „ER 94“, role Antun 2008. „Yellownose“, role Boxer Miškec 2007. „Operation Kajman“, role Stanko 2007. „Our Little Clinic“, role Delivery boy 2007. „Yellownose“, role Salesman 2007. „Bums and Princesses", role: Matko 2005.-2007. TV serial „Alphabet of European Union“, role Euroboy 2003.-2005. TV show „Parlaonica“, host
Teātris: 2017. Shooting Stars, role: Mišo 2016. From Silence To Music, monoplay 2016. One Man, Two Guvnors, member of band 2016. Dragon, role: First Citizen 2015. The Marathon Family“, role Overrun Man 2015. (B)luzeri narodnjaci, various roles 2014. Nutcracker The Musical, role Karl Silberhause/The King 2014. Acting Hamlet in the Village of Mrduša Donja, role Frane 2014. Miracles Can Happen! Long Live Kharms!, role Student 2013. At Martin's, role Assistant Director 2013. The Priest's Children“, role Don Šimun 2012. The Little Match Girl“ (musical), role Peter 2012. „Cabaret Chishche Lishche“, various roles 2012. The Cabinet Minister's Wife, roles Jova Pop-Arsin, A Boy, Policeman 2012. La Cage aux Folles, role Laurent 2011. Dead Souls, role Mizhuyev 2011. District Hospital, role Doctor 2010. Dupers, role Waiter 2010. Miracle in Poskok Creek, roles Kultura, Waiter 2010. Of Bears and Men, role Jadranko 2009. The Cripple of Inishmaan", role Bartley McCormick 2009. Their Songs, Our Dreams (musical), role Filip 2009. Don Juan, role Gunman 2009. Love, Electricity, Water & Telephone, role Inspector 2008. Judith French, role Janko 2008. Romeo & Juliet '68., Various roles 2008. King Lear“, role King of France 2007. Midsummer's Night Dream, uloga Snug 2007. The Drunk Night 1918., role: Waiter, Terzić 2006. Petrica Kerempuh And Smart Donkey, various roles 2005. Đak veseljak i prometni znak (musical), role: Ivan 2005. Petrica Kerempuh's Balads, various roles 1994. A Boy With Family Album, role Martin 1994. Hold On, Zvonimir, role Radovan
Filmas: 2017. Escape To The Sea, role: Kapellmeiste 2015. Shooting Stars, role Okac 2014. Happy Endings, role Waiter at a Japanese Restaurant 2012. Cannibal Vegetarian, role Specialist Tomić 2011. Lea & Daria, role Mladen Širola 2011. 7sex7, role He 2007. The Hunting Party, stand-in/photo-double 2007. Play Me a Love Song, role Mario 2006. At a Still Point (short), role Waiter 2006. Libertas, role Servant
Reklāmas: 2016. „PRIMA furniture“ role: Husband 2015. „PRIMA furniture“, presenter 2008. "Optima Telecom“, role: Young man 2007. „M-tel“, role: Postman 2006. „CEDEVITA candy“ role: Young man