Meklēšana mūsu datu bāzē:
ID: M3668
Gadi: 17
Nodarbošanās: Bērnu aktieris/e, Modes skates modelis/e, Masu skatu dalībnieks, Izpildītājs, Dziedātājs/a, Talants, Balss aktieris/e, Modelis/e, Aktieris / Aktrise, Bērnu modelis/e
Valodas: -
Tautība: Angļu
Matu krāsa: Blondi
Acu krāsa: Zilas
Apavu izmērs: 38
Auguma garums: 161
Valsts: United Arab Emirates
TV: Tricell films Case files - Creepa - series 8 ( due to be released this year )
Teātris: April 2016 - sound if music - popular productions - madinat theatre - Brigitta - main April 2015 - Annie - popular productions - Madinat theatre - Annie - lead role December 2014 - Charlie and the chocolate factory - S4K Productions - Madinat theatre - veruca and violet - lead roles April 2014 - Joseph and technicolor dreamcoat - popular productions - Madinat theatre - children’s ensomble April 2013 -Oliver - popular productions - Madinat theatre- orphan and school girl I’ve also been involved each year with H2 Productions who put on a UK pantomime with uk talent and local kids. I’ve done Snow White twice , Cinderella and Peter Pan , I’ve also just successfully auditioned and sucured a part in Rapunzel in April . I’ve also since the age of 8 been in local dance and school shows as well as flash mobs , rugby sevens opening event which was aired on live TV and festivals .
Filmas: Miss - school girl- a film made to be entered in the The 2017 Film festival
Reklāmas: Online commercial for crocs eye wear Online commercial for Adventure Hq