Meklēšana mūsu datu bāzē:
ID: M3661
Gadi: 37
Nodarbošanās: Spīkeris, Prezentētājs, Balss aktieris/e, Aktieris / Aktrise
Valodas: Angļu, Vācu, Franču, Poļu
Tautība: Franču
Matu krāsa: Brūni
Acu krāsa: Zilas
Apavu izmērs: 38
Auguma garums: 165
Valsts: France
Balss paraugi:
TV: ♠ 2016: Mongeville, TV serie (France3) – Bénédicte Fischer. ♠ 2008-09: Just visiting (TVN), weekly TV show about the strangers of Warsaw – presenter. ♠ 2008: Agentki, TV serie (POLSAT) – Céline Voyage. ♠ 2008: Dancing with the Stars (TVN Poland) – candidate. 4th place on 14 couples. ♠ 2003-08: Europa can be liked (TVP2) – animator, journalist and French chronicler.
Teātris: ♠ 2017: Le Gros Lot, by Eric Marty – Claire, main role. Directed by Claude-Hélène Cordonny. ♠ 2016: Iphigenia in Tauris, by J.W von Goethe – Iphigenia, main role. Ménilmontant Theater, directed by Simone Rist. ♠ 2015: La Soupe de fraises, by Ania Piwowarska – Marie-Julie, main role (Radio Theater). ♠ 2014: Dinner for Savages, by Julien Sibre, Polonia Theater’s Krystyna Janda, Warsaw – translation of the drama in Polish, directed by Borys Lankosz. ♠ 2013: The Apnea, written and directed by Andrzej Bart – Eli (TV Theater TVP1). ♠ 2012: The Apnea, written and directed by Andrzej Bart – Eli (Radio Theater). ♠ 2011: Master and Valet, written and directed by Andrzej Bart – the journalist (Radio Theater). ♠ From 2010: Matysiakowie, directed by Waldemar Modestowicz – Murielle Borkiewicz. ♠ 2006: Ben Hur, directed by Robert Hossein, Stade de France – pirates’ chief. ♠ 2004: Geza the Child, by Janosz Hay, directed by Zbigniew Brzoza – Vizike, the prostitute. ♠ 2003: Secret Rapture, by David Hare, directed by Mariusz Grzegorzek – Marion. ♠ 2003: The Maids, by Jean Genet, directed by Ewa Mirowska – Claire.
Filmas: ♠ 2018: Viva la Bella, short film directed by Viggie – The Unknown Lady, leading role. ♠ 2018: Dilili in Paris, animation movie directed by Michel Ocelot – dubbing of 6 characters: Marie Curie, Madeleine Lemaire, Comtesse Greffülhe, Gertrude Stein, Ana de Noailles and a mother. ♠ 2018: Intention, short film directed by Joséphine Janneau – Elie and Alie, two leading roles. ♠ 2018: The Undetected, US short film directed by Rennie Sharp – The waitress, supporting role. ♠ 2018: The Strawberry Soup, feature film directed by K. Piwowarski – Marie-Julie, main role. ♠ 2017: Coexister, feature film directed by Fabrice Eboué – The journalist, supporting role. ♠ 2017: I will crush you and go to hell, feature film directed by Fabio Soares – Meredith. ♠ 2015: Run Boy Run, feature film directed by Pepe Danquart – Magda Janczyk. GOLD LION (best supporting role) at the Kargow’s Cinema festival of Poland. ♠ 2015: L’eau qui dort, short film directed by Louve Dubuc Babinet – Sylvie, main role. ♠ 2014: Chronique d’une vie, short film directed by Alexandre Zarka – the English teacher. ♠ 2013: Communicare, short film directed by Loïc Lasne – Sylvie, second role. ♠ 2012: In the Footsteps of Marie Curie (86mn) docudrama for TV5 Monde directed by Krzysztof Rogulski) – Maria Skłodowska-Curie, main role. ♠ 2011: Celles qui aimaient Richard Wagner, feature film by J.-L Guillermou– Cosima Wagner.
Reklāmas: 2016-2017: Toyota 2015: Lidl 2010: Bank BISE