Meklēšana mūsu datu bāzē:
ID: M3962
Gadi: 52
Nodarbošanās: Aktieris / Aktrise
Valodas: Angļu, Franču, Dāņu, Dāņu
Tautība: Dāņu
Matu krāsa: Sirmi
Acu krāsa: Zilas
Apavu izmērs: 43
Auguma garums: 183
Valsts: Denmark
TV: 2005 "Klovn", Jacob, 2010-11 "Borgen", The Father of Kasper 2012 "Lærkevej", Helge 2013 "Rytteriet 2", Hjarne 2016 "Dicte", Mathias 2018 "Those who kill", Simon 2018 "Bedrag 3" the lecturer
Teātris: 2018 "A Midsummer Nights Dream", Oberon/Theseus 2017 "around the world in 80 days, Phileas Fogg 2017"My Fair Lady", Higgins 2016 "Hamlet", Polonius 2016 "Pyramus and Thiesbe", Bottom 2015 "The Sound of Music", Von Trapp 2014"My Fair Lady", Higgins 2014 "Macbeth", Macbeth 2012"you called me your own", Cabaret-manager 2010 "Another day" Theatre-concert by Sting, Leadsinger 2008 "The Birthday Party", Stanley 2007 "A Chrismascaroll", 8 roles 2006 " The Brothers Karamasov", The Judge 2005 " The Shadow", Hans Christian Andersen 2004 "Spindoctor", Claus 2003 "Don Juan", Don Carlos 2002 "The wild duck", Doctor Relling 2001 "Behind the walls" Hugo Levin 2000 "The Tempest", Prospero ect.
Filmas: 2018 "The Guilty", ( winner of special world cinema competition at Sundance Filmfestival), role: Torben 2017 " Trophy Hunt" Eric 2016" Little inger", Lasse 2015 "The Family honour", George 2014 "Bitter Pill", The Citizen 2013 "Inmate 48", The Warden 2013 "The Keeper of lost causes", The Father of Lasse 2012 "All Cats are grey", Eric 2012"Lærkevej", Helge 2009 "Camping", Poul 2005 "The Kill", the Lieutenant 2005 "The Fakir from Bilbao", Policeofficer