Meklēšana mūsu datu bāzē:
ID: M3332
Gadi: 28
Nodarbošanās: Aktieris / Aktrise
Valodas: Angļu, Rumāņu
Tautība: Rumāņu
Matu krāsa: Brūni
Acu krāsa: Zilas
Apavu izmērs: 44
Auguma garums: 180
Valsts: Romania
CV / resume:
TV: 2016, Lectii de viata (Life Lessons), PAVEL/ Support 2014, Blestemul Iubirii (The Curse of Love), Claudiu/Lead 2007, Liber Pe Contrasens (Free On The Wrong Way), The Lover/Lead 2005, Lacrimi de Iubire (Tears of Love), The Gambling Kid/Featured
Teātris: 2014, The Seagull, Konstantin Gavrilovici Treplev /Lead 2013, A day at the resting house, Comrade Miusov/Supporting 2013, Waiting in the wings, Dr. Jevons/Featured 2012, Three generations, Alexandru Irimescu/Lead 2012, The Power of Love, The Father/Lead 2012, The Cold, Pinzaru/Supporting 2011, The Merchant of Venice, Bassanio/Supporting 2010, La Lilieci (At the flitter-mice), Calota/Supporting 2007, The Tempest, Ariel/Support
Filmas: 2018, Herman: The Man Behind the Terror, Lt. maj. Corbeanu/Suppport 2017, Maybe Accidents Don't Exist, Avram/Support 2015, Pioneers Palace, Razvan/Featured 2015, The Session (short), Mircea/Supporting 2014, The Ring (short), The Painter/Lead 2014, There, Then (short), Matei/Lead 2013, GRINDCORE (short), Vlad/Lead 2013, Hippocratic Oath (short), Seargent Sorin/Featured 2012, Fantasy in C minor (short), Marian/Featured 2011, The Devil (short), The Keyboard Player/Lead 2011, The Best (short), The Victim/Lead 2011. Start (short), The Gamer/Lead 2011, The Last Man On Earth (short), Dmitry/Lead 2011, Happy Meal (short), Baltag/Supporting 2011, The Confused Teenager (short), The Teenager/Lead 2010, Santa Claus Robs A Bank (short), Santa Claus/Lead 2010, Shooting The Shit (short), Mihai/Lead 2007, The Fight Club (short), Paul/Lead 2007, The Tree (short), The Boy With The Rose/Lead 2007, The OK Guy (short), The OK Guy/ Lead 2005, Outside Is Cold (short), The Boyfriend/ Lead
Reklāmas: 2016, Ing The Taxi, The Dog Owner/Lead 2016, Ing The Cafe, The Dog Owner/Lead 2016, Ing The Salary, The Dog Owner/Lead 2016, Ing The Lion Goes On A Walk, The Dog Owner/Lead 2013, Best Jobs, Consultant/Featured 2012, CellCom, The Blue Eyed Man/Featured 2011, Ciuc, The Air Bass Player/Featured